Well thats it for me then

I dislike personal melodrama. At least I dislike my own. This being a personal blog though I thought it pertinent, and useful for me, to discuss some changes that have happened to my gaming hobby.

About eight years ago I was diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis. At the time it wasn’t a debilitating problem since it primarily showed up in my knees and shoulders. Over the years the arthritis has spread and moved into almost every major joint in my body. Despite this spread I was able to paint to a lesser degree but still not to the same level or the same quantity as I had done previously. At the time, the major issue was that the act of painting involved me holding myself very still and this lead to me stiffening my joints which lead to joint pain and then lead to me having to stop painting much sooner than I would usually. So a two hour paint session would turn into a 45 minute paint session. As you can see from my blog archives, over the course of 2010 and 2011 I went from painting entire War of the Ring and Cryx armies to painting next to nothing.

In the last few months my arthritis has become progressively worse and has really begun to effect my hands in a way that is making painting very difficult. I also drop things a lot. I’m not sure if that is related to my arthritis or if I am just getting more careless as I get older. Painting has become an utter chore, one that I have been avoiding for a long time and with the recent changes in my arthritis it is something that I don’t think that I will be pursuing any further. At least not for games that require more than 16 figures like Blood Bowl.

And lets not even start to talk about standing around a table for three hours and what that does to my knees.

The fact that this occurs at the same time that GW releases a version of 40K that I finally like is just an indication of how humorous the universe can be.

So I will be putting away my 40K Space Marines for the time being in case my Rheumatologist can do something about my joint inflammation and pain but I am going to be selling or trading a lot of other figures as I really don’t hold out a lot of hope that this situation is going to get better. My real hope is that some new medication will keep my arthritis at the same level that it is and that this progression in the severity of the disease halts.

I have been trading and selling bits and pieces of my collection of terrain and models to pick up some new board games as well as some of the FFG Living Card Games. Happily there are a few people that actively play Warhammer Invasion as well as some of the other games and as an added bonus I can sit down while I play.

I think that, with the exception of Blood Bowl, that miniature gaming and painting is now no longer a part of my hobby and that I will be focusing on card games and board games as an outlet for my gaming fix.

What that means is that you are going to be seeing a lot more references to LCGs, Magic, board games and other games here and probably nothing more about my Marines, Epic or similar miniature games. Its interesting, in an odd way, to think that just a year and half ago I was running TGN and surrounded by miniatures and tabletop games and now I am in a position where I can no longer reliably paint and am looking at no longer playing even the few games I kept.

Its a funny old world isn’t it.



  1. That’s a bummer mate, first off hope your health issues ease. I may not be of an athletic stature and I creak, groan and ache occasionally but nothing debilitating. Regarding miniatures gaming I get where you are coming from and maybe you should look at it from a different angle.

    Regarding painting give dip a go, dame sight quicker and the results are good. Ok, they won’t win a Golden Demon but of you look at Saxon Dog or Phil Hendry’s blogs very good results can be had by block painting and dipping.

    Regarding standing around a table, downsize. I’ve been looking at doing some 2ft square games on an ikea coffee table for some time. The Songs series and Ambush Alley type skirmishing are projects I am considering for this. Also I have rescued a small round coffee table about three foot across that I intend to paint blue and use for Aeronef and Manowar. Effectively I will be playing miniatures games in a board game area.

    Just some ideas, keep well…

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Steve. Sadly even base coating figures to dip them is problematic. I’ve been basically doing that for over a year now.

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