Lord of the Rings LCG first thoughts

After the kids got to bed this evening I took some time to get acquainted with the Lord of the Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight. This is one of the new, for me, LCGs that FFG have released and it seemed a good addition to the household since it had material that Michelle is familiar with, it is a co-op game and it is billed as being playable solo.

It is a fun game, it has some interesting mechanics, and it is very focused on the co-op nature of the game but that focus also makes it highly unplayable as a solo game. Some abilities such as the Ranged trait are not usable in a solo game, as are some of the cards in that game that allow you to affect another player. Additionally, the encounter mechanic in the game means that eventually all the monsters in the game will be attack you, the only available target, instead of being spread out against two or more players. Finally, the Quest mechanic for a single player game means that you need to commit most of your Heroes and characters to quests leaving you very few to fight against any monsters or other attackers in the game.

While it isn’t unplayable as a solo game it is quite difficult and not a lot of fun. Unless I can get one or more players interested in the game this might be going onto the trade shelf.



  1. Hey Zac, just found the blog! I’ve heard that LoTR is extremely hard at the beginning, but people say it gets better once you get used to the role randomness plays. In some duel games, one personal benefits from someone else’s unluckiness… in LoTR no one benefits, you all just lose.

    1. My problems here are for solo play. I think it will be fine if I get a game with multiple players so you aren’t always the sole target for attacks

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