Warhammer: Invasion Highlander event

Yesterday was the six player Warhammer: Invasion Highlander event at Sentry Box. I am still in the process of getting a set of Warhammer: Invasion cards so Danny was kind enough to lend me a deck to play. The Highlander format only allows a single instance of a card in a deck making for a very interesting play experience as your deck really can’t count on being able to create the usual combos or processes and instead you need a far more general deck.

The tourney was a round-robin, single game event and I only managed to get a single win, against Danny as it happens, due to the timely playing of a Master Rune of Spite which removed every single unit Danny had deployed. It was quite timely as Danny was about to totally ruin me with several pumped up Mages but the game turned entirely after that card and Danny was unable to survive my largely untouched Battlefield.

I had a very close game against Bill with his Skaven/Undead deck. Bill survived due to a single development in his Battlefield and then played a Blood Dragon Knight and another unit to clear out my Battlefield and get the win. Bill actually did just as “well” as I did which I found surprising since his deck had a lot more core synergy than anyone else had.

My game against Andrew and Ken were not as close and Teo rolled right over me with his Chaos Corruption deck. The Keeper of Secrets was particularly effective and he was able to quickly remove my units and burn my Capital.

It was a fun event and I am looking forward to finishing one of my trades and getting some of my own cards so I can start building some decks of my own.