Took the twins on a trip to Sentry Box today and picked up a copy of the new X-Wing game from FFG. They were almost sold out of the boxed game and they only had the Tie Fighter expansion left. All the rest were sold out. That appears to be the case at almost every store in town. I have a set of the expansions on order so hopefully I will be able to get my dirty hands on some soon. FFG appear to have a popular game on their hands.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but the models look great and the components are the usual standard of FFG game tokens and cards. Sadly the expansions are packed in sealed plastic containers that you need to cut open in order to get at the figures. They are a total PITA to open and I really wish that FFG would rethink the packaging.

The miniatures are fantastic. Very nice paint jobs and quite detailed. The wings on the TIE Fighters are properly scaled and the X-Wing is also properly proportioned.

I’ve had a look at the rules and I am hoping to try the game out this weekend