Sunday Mage Wars gaming

I headed out to Trilogy Gaming Club, here in Calgary, for a Mage Wars event. It was billed as a tournament but it was really a test to see how many people were interested and what is involved in running an event.

I brought an untried Beastmaster spellbook. I had been hoping to get a chance to game with it the week previous but I missed a chance to try it out at Myth. There were seven players and so the store owner Chris sat out the first round. My first game was against a new player with a Priestess deck that seemed to be heavy on Angels and light on Temples.

He spent a lot of game turtling in the corner and defending himself against my creatures with two Angels and Brogan. I worked really well so I eventually had to Force Push his Priestess out of the Zone. He was able to save himself but spellbinding a Heal spell to his Mage Wand and I only had the one Dissolve which he Nullified. I spent a lot of time and energy beating him down but his Mage Wand was able to bring his Priestess back time and time again.

Eventually we ran out of time just after I decided to start to drag the Priestess away from her Zone and Angels and then beat on her.

The second game was against a Mage with a very aggressive set of starting moves. I was only a single Zone away from my starting Zone when he had moved right next to me and placed a Gate to Voltari right next to me. It was only after the game that I found out that he had misread the card and thought that it needed to be within 0-1 Zones of a Mage to target it for the Mana ability of the Gate.

After his aggressive rush at me I spent time wearing him down with my creatures while he piled on equipment and put out two Hydras and a Basilisk. The slow nature of the beasts held him back and I was able to push them and him around with my Mage Wand/Force Push combo.

The single Dissolve in my spellbook cost me again as I was unable to Dissolve his Mage Wand/Minor Heal combo which pulled him from Death’s Door after I misplayed and pushed the Hydra guarding the Wizard instead of the Wizard. This game also went to time but it was pretty close when we ended it.

My final game was against an equipment heavy Warlock build and I just got burned and beat up. I was dead before the hour was up and was really outplayed. Not much to learn from that other than to be a lot more cautious against Warlocks.

The build I had wasn’t really optimal. I had a lot more Channeling boosts than I really needed. I had more Mana than any of my opponents in all three games and even when I only cast a single Mana Flower I was still more than able to cast all of my spells easily.

I need to be less aggressive with the Beastmaster, he isn’t really most effective attacking but, I think, casting to support his creatures.

Lair is expensive but probably worth it and I need to try to cast it early next time.

Arena spanning conjurations are probably a good idea especially if they can help boost smaller creatures that might not be worth an Enchantment.

I need more Dissolves. Mage Wands need to be dissolved.

I also think the build I have needs another larger creature to help beef up the Level 1 creatures before I can bring out the larger creatures.

The games were quick and only one of mine finished but I still had a great time and it was interesting to see how each game really went significantly different not only based on my opponent’s spells but also their responses to my actions. None of the games even really, for me at least, had a similar set of opening moves as my opponents all played quite differently and presented unique threats that I had to respond to almost immediately. I will be out playing again on Monday and hopefully I can try to tweak my Beastmaster build some to make it more effective.

Some photos