Mage Wars: Priestess v. Beastmaster

Dropped by Dave’s this evening to have a game of Mage Wars. Dave previously played with the Beastmaster so he used that Mage and I wanted to try out the Priestess again. I have been a bit busy this week so I hadn’t had an opportunity to tweak the suggest Priestess spell book provided by Arcane Wonders so I was once again playing with the default spells with no changes.

Dave moved across the board very quickly and almost took out a Hand of Bim Shala with a Bitterwood Fox. While I dealt with the Fox, Dave brought out a Grizzly and the darned thing spent the rest of the game making my life a living hell as it chased my Priestess across the board. I almost took it out a few times but Dave was able to heal it and keep it in the game. Unlike my game earlier in the week against Rob and the Wizard I wasn’t really able to keep my Priestess is a safe location to build up a defence around her. Dave was tossing beasts at me and buffing them while I was using the Temple to bring out my creatures who sadly couldn’t deal with the additional Armour that the Grizzly and then the Giant Ape had.

While the Grizzly Bear was chasing my Priestess, Dave used his other creatures to start to chip away at my Temples and Mana Flowers. My Temple of Light went down as did one of my Hand of Bim-Shalla. I really am going to try to get a third Hand of Bim-Shalla for this build to make sure I have at least two in play.

Dave presented a much bigger threat to the Priestess than the Wizard did and was an interesting lesson in what I want to change in the spell book. The suggest build has a lot of creatures that could really do with some additional buffs like Hawkeye and Piercing Strike. Brogan is also a great creature but he really does need some additional Incantations and Enchantments to keep him in the game a bit longer. He is the main creature available with Piercing but he doesn’t really have the Life to stick around as long as some of the creatures that other Mages will be bringing to the table.

After Dave took Brogan out I was left with creatures that couldn’t really get through the Grizzly’s armour, especially as Dave made it a Pet, and I didn’t have the Incantations to let my Knights and Archers punch through that armour.

So when I get a chance I will be looking at how to tweak the Priestess’ spell book to make her better at supporting her creatures and also give her a bit more of a punch on her own.