Getting ready for Mage Wars tomorrow

Tomorrow is open board gaming night at Trilogy and I will be taking out Mage Wars in an attempt to get another game in.

I spent a little time this weekend tweaking the Priestess spell book after getting rushed by Dave last week. I’ve added another Hand of Bim-shala, for a total of three, and added a few more Incantations and Enchantments to help buff the few creatures that the spell book has. I also think that the build I have is still pretty defensive so I need to make sure that I have a good base built before I start to move out with my Creatures.

Despite being something that you would think I would be attuned to, I don’t have a Warlock spell book built and if I have the time tonight I may put one together to try. Curses and flame spells should be fun and during the tournament I saw a Warlock build that uses the forge and a lot of equipment to very good effect. I also like all of the Imps and daemons that the Warlock brings to the table.