Mage Wars: Priestess v. Wizard

Met up with Rob this evening and had two quick games of Mage Wars. I was using my updated Priestess build with an additional Hand of Bim-shala and Rob was using a new Wizard build.

Rob’s build was actually quite interesting. He had very few, perhaps one, Creatures and a large number of spells and conjurations to reduce Channelling and add Upkeep to Creatures. The aim of the spell book appears to be to drain the opposing mage, and then make them pay Upkeep as well as to even move their Creatures. It is actually quite nasty and was very effective in that he reduced me down to 9 Channeling even with the addition of Mana Flowers and the Moonstone Amulet.

The main problem with the build though was that he really didn’t have an offensive option to begin to put damage on my Priestess or remove my Conjurations. Rob mentioned adding a Mana Leech or three and I also think that a creature like the Hydra or even some smaller Creatures would be useful. As would some direct attack spells like Lightning Bolt. As it was I was able to set up a full set of Temples and then send Brogan and some Archers out to hunt him down.

For a first try with the spell book though it was pretty nasty and I am looking forward to seeing what he does after he tweaks it a bit.

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