Dreadball figures “assembled”

I had a small break from our housecleaning today and so I finished “assembling” the rest of the Dreadball miniatures that came in the Striker set I ordered.

I use scare quotes because the models are simply glued together and I have made no effort at all to trim any mould lines. While my hands were up to the task of cutting and gluing the figures I wasn’t able to get in and trim the mould lines.

Everything went together quite well. I had to spend a bit of time matching parts to figures but it was easy to discern which part went with which figure.

The models are all true 28mm figures and are noticeably smaller than the GW or other manufacturers Blood Bowl figures. Having them all be plastic though does mean that entire set. F figures weighs about the same as two metal Blood Bowl teams.

Now that the minis are assembled I can sit down and play some test games to get a better grasp of the rules.