X-Wing Kessel Run event

Last night was the Kessel Run event at Sentry Box. Greg and the guys at Sentry Box bothered the folks at Lion Rampant enough that they actually delivered the Kessel Run event kit. Quite unusual for Lion Rampant.

There were only four people playing, Phil, Bill, Scott and myself, so everyone was guaranteed to leave with some miniatures. There was an odd number of people available so I ended up playing as well.

In the end Phil won the event and got the Millennium Falcon, Bill took Slave-1 as his second place prize, I took the A-Wing fighters as third place and Scott was left with the Tie Interceptors.

Luckily there were two Rebel and two Imperial players so I was able to pair off players based on faction. Both Bill and Phil brought Tie Swarm lists. Bill had Darth Vader and five other Tie Fighters while Phil has seven Ties. In the first round Bill faced off against Scott and his four X-Wings loaded with Proton Torpedoes. Their game ended with Darth Vader going head-to-head with a Rookie X-Wing pilot. Not surprisingly Darth won.

Phil played me in the first round with my 100pt force using two Y-Wings with Ion Cannons and two X-Wings. Phil took an X-Wing out early with his first wave of Tie Fighters and I was able to chip away at his force until he had three left, but sadly at that point I had only a single Y-Wing left and Phil blew it out of the sky. With so many targets it was really difficult for me to focus fire which is not a problem Phil had. He also made some very lucky evasion rolls in two instances saving one of his pilots from impending doom. That wouldn’t have saved the game for me though it might have made it a bit closer.

My second game against Scott pitted my Rebel’s against Scott and his X-Wings. I learned a few lessons from my first game and so kept my Y-Wings at a distance and used the Ion Cannons to snipe Scott’s X-Wings and then use the effects of the Ion Cannon to put his ships into a predictable position for my X-Wings.

The game came down to Scott with only a single X-Wing which didn’t last long against my three fighters. Scott was quite unlucky with his rolls for his Proton torpedoes and he could have done a lot more damage if his dice hadn’t failed him.

After two rounds I had come to the conclusion that two Y-Wings was perhaps too much. They were able to take immense amounts of damage but they weren’t able to put out as much damage.

Bill and Phil played the winner’s round each taking the Rebel or Imperial figures from the prize pool. Bill got the Slave-1 and Phil used the Falcon. Phil picked off the Tie Interceptors and Bill was unable to get Slave-1 to a distance where his weapons would have been more effective.

It was a fun evening and I suspect that everyone was happy with winning some figures in advance of the release date. Thanks to Phil and Scott for coming out and special thanks to Bill for his help is setting up.