A transformative year

This has certainly been a year of change here in regards to my gaming habits. At the beginning of the year I was talking about, and playing, Warhammer, Warmachine, 40K and Epic. At the end of the year I have, with the exception of Dreadball, stopped playing miniature games all together and moved into playing board games, card games and revisiting my long love-affair with the beast that is Advanced Squad Leader.

As many people who read this blog will know, the main impetus for this change has been an increase in the severity of my arthritis symptoms. My ability to paint has been severely diminished and I am actually at a point where I am not really comfortable even assembling figures. I recently put together my Dreadball miniatures but wasn’t able to work on the mould lines.

It seems odd that in September of 2011 I was running a tabletop miniature website and now I don’t have any miniatures in my house other than my Dreadball figures and some limited edition figs that will be heading to eBay in the new year. Its really odd walking into my hobby room sometimes as I sometimes wonder where the heck all my figures went.

Now this could have been a fairly tragic situation, and to be honest I still get a bit misty about this shift in my hobby, but at least I have other gaming interests that I have been able to fall back on and it lets me continue to game in another format. And, at least this way I have been able to avoid the lure of the new Horus Heresy books and figures from Forge World. There are a lot of things that I could have avoided but that really isn’t one of them. Especially considering how many 3rd Edition vehicles I had.

As of late I have been playing Mage Wars and have a board with the first scenario for the Lock N Load Band of Heroes game in the midst of a turn. I am experimenting with Vassal for playing Band of Heroes as it looks like a simple way to play games at home in the comfort of my living room. I have also been playing a lot of Magic and the various Fantasy Flight LCGs including Netrunner and the recently released Star Wars game.

I think that I am lucky in that my miniature gaming habit was really more focused on playing games and less on painting and modelling. If I had more emotionally invested in painting then it would have really made it difficult to change over to board and card games.

I’m alas lucky that my arthritis isn’t a lot worse. Despite the impact that it has on my life it really is mild in comparison to the symptoms that some people have. So while it is bad enough to stop me from painting and building terrain it isn’t so bad that I can’t hold a book or can’t walk.

And it doesn’t stop me from playing Magic, Mage Wars or Thunderstone so that is good as well.