LCG Game Night

Thursday is LCG night at Sentry Box and there was a decent turnout of people to play this week with seven people getting together to play the new Star Wars game as well as Netrunner.

I went down hoping to get taught the new Star Wars game but ended up muddling through a game and totally screwing up the combat resolution. I thought that I had read the rulebook properly but clearly I skimmed that section. Once we figured it out correctly it made the game a lot more dynamic and interesting but I also was out in two turns.

Lesson learned: RTFM

After that Andrew and I played a game of Netrunner. Luckily for use Felix, Matt and the rest of the Netrunner crew were there to help us work through the game. I’ve only played it one other time and this was Andrew’s second game so we both needed so answers to numerous questions.

My deck stalled a bit as I ran into a stack of duplicate cards and once I finally got up to speed Andrew had advanced enough Agendas to win the game. Still a fun game and it was nice to finally start to get a handle on the attack and defence concepts in the game.

Looking forward to the next LCG night when I can hopefully get in a few more games of both card games.



    1. I’m really starting to like it a lot and some of the cards now make a lot more sense than they did previously.

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