Forcemaster and Warlord previews

The Dice Tower podcast posted two videos today, a news video and a preview of the rewards for their Kickstarter project, that showed some cards from the upcoming Forcemaster vs Warlord expansion for Mage Wars. I took a few moments to take some screenshots of the cards, those that I could, and also transcribed the data from the cards and the other material they showed.

Bloodcrag Minotaur Creature Minotaur, Soldier
15 Full 0-0 Zone War 4
3 Armour 14 Life
Horns Quick Melee 4
Charge +2 Tough -2

Gravikor Conjuration Obelisk, Artifact
8 Quick 0-1 Zone Earth 2
4 Armour 6 Life
Zone Exclusive Legendary Epic
All creatures within 2 Zones of Gravikor lose, and cannot gain, the Flying Trait

Vorpal Blade Equipment
5 Quick 0-2 Mage War 1
Razor Edged Slash Quick Melee 4 Piercing +2

Temple High Guard Creature High Elf, Soldier
12 Quick 0-0 Zone Holy 3
Armour 2 Life 11
Halberd Quick Melee 4 Piercing +1
Lightning +2
When guarding, Temple High Guard gains Melee +2 and may counterstrike first (the Counterstrike step is moved to just after the Declare Attack Step)

Hurl Meteorite Attack
12 Quick 0-3 Creature or Conjuration Earth 3
Ranged 9 Effect 5-8 = Daze 9+ = Stun

Asyran Defender Creature Knight, Soldier
8 Full 0-0 Zone Holy 2
Defence 9+ 1x Armour 2 Life 8
Broadsword Quick Melee 3

Ballista Conjuration War Machine
8 Quick 0-1 Zone War 2
Armour 2 Life 8
Giant Bolt Ranged 1-2 5 Piercing +3
Zone Exclusive Flame +2
Ballista starts with 1 Load token on it. Each Upkeep Phase, place 1 token on it (to a maximum of 2). Before or after any friendly Action Phase you may remove 2 tokens to make its attack.


The Forcemaster is a master of telekinetic force and Mind magic. She is more of a lone warrior, but her keen intellect and powers more than make up for her lack of creature support. She is a master of control and can push enemies aside with a glance, hold and crush them with invisible force and even take control of their mind. All battles are won in the mind first, and the Forcemaster has the greatest mind of all.

The Forcemaster has a Channeling of 10, a Life of 32 and a basic melee attack of 3 attack dive. Her subclass is pelican. Pellia is located to the east of Westlock and is a peace-loviing nation of scholars and philosophers.

The Forcemaster is trained in the Mind school. She is a powerful solo fighter and prefers to put her resources into direct combat rather than SUmmning.Thus, she pays triple for non-Mind creature spells.

Repulse Incantation Force
4 Quick 0-0 Zone Mind 1
All creatures in target zone, except the caster, are Pushed 1 zone away in a random direction. Roll separately for each creature

Force Wave Incantation Force
5 Quick 1-1 Zone Mind 1
All creatures in the target zone as Pushed 1 zone away in a random direction. This will not Push them through a wall with the Passage Attacks trait unless you pay an additional six mana when this spell is cast.

Force Crush Enchantment
2-5 Quick 0-2 Creature Mind 3
Upkeep +4 Magebind +2
This creature is Restrained and gains the Unmovable trait. Each Upkeep Phase, if Force Crush’s upkeep is paid the creature receives 2 direct damage. Does not affect creatures with the Uncontrollable trait.

Invisible Stalker Creature Force
15 Full 0-0 Zone Mind 5
No Armour 7 Life
Attack Quick Melee 5 Ethereal
Upkeep +1 Invisible Incorporeal Nonliving
Forcemaster Only Epic
When Invisible Stalker declares an attack, it loses the Invisible trait until the end of the round. Use its Invisible/Visible marker to keep track of this.

The Warlord

The Warlord is a master of the art of War. He commands a wide variety of soldiers, from the small but affordable Goblin, to his stronger Orcs, to his legendary Dwarves with their ingenious devices. He augments his forces with fortifications, war machines, and powerful Earth magic.

The Warlord was raised on the battlefield, it is his home, and all who meet him there will surely know it

He’ll use conjurations like Mangler Caltrops and Wall of Pikes, and the enchantment Fortified Position, to reinforce and protect his territory.

Wall of Pikes is unique be causes it does not block LoS, allowing his Archers to shoot through it. Also, it’s directional, allowing his soldiers to move through it unharmed, while repelling enemy forces.

War Machines
Nothing strikes fear into the heart of the enemy netter than to see the Warlord’s might trebuchet, Akiro’s Hammer, constructed. With a range of 3 zones it is able to destroy smaller conjurations in a single hit, or wreak havoc on groups of creatures.

The Warlord has Channeling rate of 9, a Life of 36, and a basic melee attack of 3 attack dice. His subclass is Bloodwave. His is a warring nation who live and die on the battlefield for glory and conquest.

The Warlord is trained in the War school and Earth School. He prefers to direct conflict and to leave the Arcane trickery to the Wizards this he pays triple for Arcane Spells.

Special Abilities
The Warlord’s troops gain battle experience as the battle progresses. Whenever a friendly non-Mage creature makes a melee attack on an enemy creature, which destroys that creature, you may place a Veteran marker on that creature. Each creature may only have one Veteran marker on it.

The Veteran marker gives the creature Melee +1 and Armour +1. Plenty of these markers are provided in the set.

To get the most out of this ability, the Warlord will need to carefully time his attacks, thus ensuring that each of his creatures can gain a Veteran marker. This ability works best when he has a large number of creatures on the battlefield.

Battle Orders
Once per round the Warlord may pay 1 mana and cast one of the following quick command spells. The chosen spell affects all friendly soldiers in his zone at the time it is cast and the effects last until the end of the round. To Battle!: Gain Charge +1 trait ? Volley! Gain Ranged +1 trait En Guarde! Gain Melee +1 and Armour +1 while guarding.

Wall of Pikes Conjuration Wall
4 Quick 0-1 Zone BorderPassage Attack War 1
Armour 1 Life 7
Passage Attack 5 This attack is only made against creatures which pass through this wall from the direction that the top of the card is facing
Extendable Lightning +2

Mangler Caltrops Conjuration
5 Quick 0-1 Zone War ?
Armour 0 Life 7
Attack 2 Unavoidable Piercing +1
Mangler Caltrops attacks each non-Flying creature immediately after it enters the zone. Mangler Caltrops hinders non-Flying creatures. Ranged attacks cannot target Mangler Caltrop./

Akiro’s Hammer Conjurtion War Machine
12 Quick 0-1 Zone War 3
Armour 2 Life 11
Attack Ranged 2-3 8 Can only target Corporeal Conjurations
Attack Rnaged 2-3 Zone 3 Unavoidable
Akiro’s Hammer starts with 1 Load token on it. Each Upkeep Phase place 1 token on it (to a maximum of 2). Before or after any friendly Action Phase you may remove 2 tokens to make 1 of its 2 attacks listed above.

Goblin Builder Creature Goblin, Soldier
5 Full, 0-0 Zone War 1

The Warlord has a “silver bullet” to use against the Forcemaster – the Iron Golem. These metal golems were forged to work against the Forcemasters. Being mindless they are immune to psychic control and attacks, and their weight makes them Unmovable so that Force Push and Force Pull don’t work on them.

Iron Golem Creature Golem
13 Full 0-0 Zone Earth 3
Armour 5
Life 13
Attack Quick Melee 6
Slow Unmovable Lightning +2 Burnproof Nonliving Psychic Immunity

His chief bodyguard, Throg, will taunt enemies up to 1 zone away, drawing them to himself where he can finish them off.

Throg, Chief Bodyguard Creature Orc, Soldier
17 Full, 0-0 Zone War 4
Armour 4 Life 12
Attack Quick Melee 5
Lightning +2 Legendary Warlord Only

Earth Magic
THe Warlord is proficient in Earth magic, enabling him to hurl rocks and boulders, cause earthquakes, trap foes in quicksand, or summon a mighty Earth Elemental with 35 Life.

Earthquake Incantation ?
9 Full 0-1 1-2 Adjacent Zones Earth 2

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