Mage Wars league gaming

Tonight was Mage Wars league gaming night at Myth Games and myself, Rob, Cory and David turned out for some gaming. Cory and Dave were both playing Warlocks, Rob brought his Mana suppression Wizard and I started playing a modification of my Temple-heavy Priestess build.

My first game was against Cory and it was actually going well. I got a set of four temples in play, including the Temple of Light, and had a Royal Archer that was doing a very good job of applying some serious damage to Cory’s Warlock. That all changed once Cory moved in with his fully equipped Warlock, hit me with Marked for Death and then started attacking me for eight dice of fire damage. I almost took him down with two Archers and a Knight of Westlock but Cory had the Helm of Fear which saved him from one seven dice melee attack and he eventually put three burn markers on me and wore me down. Even healing myself each turn did little to save me.

My second game was against Rob. Rob is without a victory so far in his Mage Wars gaming and so it was almost a foregone conclusion that he was going to beat me :-) Rob has a Mana suppression Wizard build that works quite well to really drain the Mana from an opponent. I switched to using my Beastmaster and Rob’s Wizard was even better against him as it restricted the number of creatures I could safely bring out to play. Rob put out a Suppression Orb and Mordok’s Obelisk, equipped a Suppression Cloak, and did everything to run me out of Mana. Most of the game I was limited to 8-10 Mana even with three Mana Flowers cast.

I made a decision to attack his conjurations with my smaller creatures and concentrate attacking his Wizard with my Pet Timber Wolf. Sadly he got out a Whirling Spirit that he then used as a target to switch enchantments with my Timber Wolf and then Guard each turn. This left me having to cast Eagle’s Wings on the Wolf to avoid the Whirling Spirit which then just went after my Beastmaster.

In the end we both came down to 2 and 4 health left and Rob managed to get in one more attack on me than I could on him. My final attack could have killed him if it rolled two 2s on two dice and while I did manage one it left Rob standing and he used his Arcane Staff to blast me away.

A fun evening as usual and it has me thinking of ways to update my Beastmaster as well as making an attempt to try to build a Fire Wizard. My Priestess isn’t really doing so well and I think I need to provide her with some more Armour and protection early on in the game to avoid her getting beat down so vigorously. Currently I can build a very good defensive arrangement for her but it leaves her unprotected if I need to use the Hands to boost melee attacks instead of boost her armour.

Certainly something to look at and build for gaming next week.



  1. I messed up the Shift Enchantment I was using on you. It only applies to mine which would explain the cheap cost, Steal Enchantment lets me take yours. So still winless in my books…

    1. The next time I will be out at Myth is the 11th for League gaming. Rob and Dave and perhaps Brad should be there on Monday the 4th if you want to head out for a demo or to check the game out.

      Are you on the Calgary Gamers forum?

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