A quick update

Been a while since I last updated the blog.

I have been quite busy putting my C4 Counter Cutter to use working through the counters for Beyond Valour, Doomed Battalions and For King and Country. I have just the vehicles from FKaC left and I will have finished them all. I also have picked up a sizeable number of Plano 3601 tackle trays to use to store them all and I am currently at 13 filled with two set aside for the British vehicle counters.

I also have three GMT counter trays for informational counters.

ASL figures large in the next week as I will be playing A80 Commando Schenke at Sentry Box on Thursday and then playing, I suspect, one of the scenarios from the KG Scherer HASL from Le Franc Tireur. That will be this weekend at the semi-regular ASL game day here in Calgary.

I also picked up one of the last remaining copies of Zombicide. CMoN is sold out of the game and this was the last copy that Sentry Box had in stock. I’ve played it previously but I managed to miss out on the Kickstarter for the game and it has been difficult to find for sale. I have a game arranged for next week and I hope to get the game into regular rotation. Quite a fun game and also a great platform for devising your own scenarios.

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