Star Wars LCG event

A few of us got together today for a warm-up event in preparation for the upcoming Star Wars LCG Regional event held next month. There were four of us playing. Due to some scheduling issues there weren’t more but at least we had an even number.

All of the players were using cards from the first expansion and with the exception of Bill we all had a few games under our belts so the playing field was quite level.

As per the tournament rules we played two game rounds with each player using a Light side and Dark side deck.

Dan won the event with a perfect record. He won both games in all three rounds that he played. Bill, Teo and I then won a game in in three rounds for a delightful three-way tie for second place. After checking tie-breaker points it was then a two-way tie for second between Bill and Teo. The final result was determined based on the tie-breaker points in their head-to-head matches and Bill was finally determined to be the second place winner.

Every game that I played was quite close, some coming down to the final turn. In my last round with Teo my final game came down to the last attack and it was my placement of a Shield token on the wrong unit that allowed Teo to escape with only four damage on an objective.

One common theme in our post-game discussion was how close most of our games were. The game has a fair amount of bluffing involved. Nothing to the same level as the Netrunner game but certainly enough that you can try to fake out an opponent based on cards in hand, what you play in Edge battles and where you attack.

The game also has a bit more nuance in it than some games in that it is not always in your benefit to attack or use your full facilities as you always need to look at defending against upcoming attacks from your opponent.

The new expansion adds a few interesting new cards especially for the Jedi and Sith decks. I ran into a Sith deck using the new Fear card which helped keep Yoda from committing to Force for an entire game and the new Icetromper which helped stopped a heavily enhanced Yoda from being able to attack for most of the same game.

Once again I had a heck of a lot of fun playing the game and I look forward for more opportunities to play.