ASL goodies

There has been quite a lot of “new” ASL products coming into the house lately. One of the local ASL gamers was clearing out their duplicate ASL modules so I was able to grab Hollow Legions, Croix de Guerre and Yanks for an attractive price. Certainly far less than I would have been able to pick them up on eBay.

I also did some web development work for another ASL gamer in Saskatchewan and got a copy of Red Barricades (sans box) that arrived in the mail today.

So I have managed to rebuild my ASL collection to a size larger than it was prior to my leaving the game. Croix de Guerre was the last release that came out when I stopped buying and playing. All I am missing now are the old ASL Annuals but given the price that they go for online I doubt I will ever collect any of them.

Now I just need to find a local gamer interested in play a Red Barricades campaign game.