Redoing the Warlord

I played a few games of Mage Wars last Wednesday with Rob. I tested the new Forcemaster and Warlord from the recent Mage Wars expansion using the default spell books suggested. The Forcemaster had a few tweaks in the form of a set of Thorn Walls which I used to push Rob’s Warlock through. I managed to trounce the Warlock quite well with the Forcemaster but the Warlord, using the stock build, had a lot of trouble with Rob’s Fairy and Gremlin summoning Wizard.

So I took a few minutes this evening to rip the Warlord spell book apart and fix some issues that I perceive with it.

1) No Mana sources. The stock spell book has some expensive creatures but no Mana Flowers or anything to increase the Channeling value of the Warlord. So he ends up not really being able to afford to summon his more expensive Soldier units

2) Too many creatures. The Warlord has an immense number of creatures that he can summon but not enough Enchantments or Incantations to buff his troops or protect himself.

3) Featured spells. The Warlord spell book is meant to feature some of the new spells but that doesn’t mean that they are really efficient together or create a common theme.

I decided to try a build that focuses on “turtling” with the Warlord and then building a force of Orcs and Goblins to go forward in a mass to attack the opposing Wizard and whatever other creatures are in the way. The Warlord will use his Horn to be able to apply his buffs anywhere in the Arena and then sit back with a bow and use the Archers Tower to lob boosted shots at anything that comes his way.

I don’t know how well this will work, I’ll need some games to test it out, but it seems like a more focused build the the default spell book.