A shocking and horrible occurrence

I took my nascent Cygnar force to Sentry Box today to play Warmachine with some of the gamers from the local COGs Warmachine club. I took a variant of my Caine list from the other night except that I swapped out the Sword Knights for some Storm Blades and the Centurion for a Charger.

I played one of the local gamers, Josh I think, who had a Khador force using the Old Witch, a unit of Winter Guard, Widow Makers, Yuri, Kovnick Joe and the Bears.

Between the Winter Guard UA and the Old Witch the Winter Guard were next to impossible to hit. Caine was able to feat and take out a large number of them. I was actually nearly at the end of my rope when I attempted to take out the Old Witch with my Defender. After some quite poor dice rolls the Witch was still standing. Josh attempted to put some hurt on Caine with the Scrap Jack and Widow Makers but Caine survived it all.

Josh moved the Scrap Jack back to the Old Witch and opened up a route for Caine to Teleport to within range of the Old Witch and shoot her down.

I was lucky that Josh wasn’t as aggressive with the Bears or his Jacks as he could have been. Despite taking out my Long Gunners and Storm Blades I still had an opportunity to assassinate the Old Witch.

It was a fun game and the win was an added and unexpected bonus.