So it has been some time since an update so I am going to crunch a month’s worth of info into a single post. What it lacks in depth I hope it makes up for in… well something.

The game that I am playing most is still Warmachine. I have to qualify that somewhat as between summer vacations and a flood raging through the city I probably didn’t play for a month and a half. I did get in game this Thursday against a very nicely painted white and purple Cryx force that took out pNemo in a few turns. My mistake mostly as I left Nemo open and forgot that Mortenbra had the Overrun spell on a Chicken Jack that let it move, just barely, into charge range. Lesson learned.

I picked up a few figures to expand the force, Stormblades, Rangers, Commandos etc. I picked a few up from Sentry Box but most of them came from one of the local players who is getting rid of his Cygnar. So I got quite a deal on a huge pile of units and Warjacks which I spent a few weeks assembling and priming.

I am set up to start painting the mins as soon as I can figure out how to duplicate the green that Brian used to paint the first figures in the force. Sadly the GW paints that Brian used have been replaced in GW’s paint purge so I am having to use some GW replacements as well as some Vallejo and PP paints.

Despite wanting to make the forces match I may end up painting the rest of the army in Cygnar blue.

Assembling the figures has been less of a challenge than I thought. I still get sore but not as badly as I thought. I still haven’t tried painting anything though so who knows how badly this will go :-)

My Cygnar painting may wait though as I broke down and picked up the new Cyriss starter. I grabbed the book to read and familiarize myself with the faction but oddly reading the painting sections really made me want to pick them up. Go figure. Due to the release schedule it will be months before the faction is fully playable at 35pts so I have some time to paint them.

Blood Bowl

While Michelle and the twins were in Vernon enjoying the sun (it rained the entire time they were gone) I filled in at the local Pow Town 2013 Blood Bowl tournament. Sadly some of the locals ditched which reconfirms that you need to get people to pay in advance so they don’t avoid the event at the last minute with sad excuses.

I played my Dark Elf team, which I happily sold at the end of the event further funding my Warmachine habit, and over two days I really had all the things I don’t like about Blood Bowl reconfirmed. Nothing like making a a great dash move through the opposing line to then fall in the end zone because you rolled a 1.

Blood Bowl suffers from using D6s. The odds of overwhelming success are the same as abject failure and the game, despite changes, really only favours a passing game for a few teams. So if you want to play a passing game you either have to play Elves or get used to having less than optimal results. Especially since anyone can intercept a pass on a 6. In some cases the odds on intercepting are better than the odds on completing a pass which again makes a passing game less optimal.

I still had fun but mostly as I wasn’t trying to win. I thought it would be unfair to displace people that actively came to the event with the hope of prizes.

Social Media

I have deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts. After being without Facebook for a few weeks I found that going back to Facebook resulted in me again wasting time checking the site and ultimately being concerned with and discussing issues that really have no impact on my life.

Twitter was the same. Do I really need to know what Charlie Stross thinks about… well about anything other than books? Almost all of the news I was getting via Twitter I can get via RSS feeds. And RSS feeds don’t come the additional ephemera that eventually accompanies tweets.

There is also the issue of being tracked. Both Facebook and Twitter track and store information about you and your habits. Facebook much, much more than Twitter but I am no longer comfortable with the idea of companies tracking and storing my online activities.

I am also moving my email to a privately hosted email server and will start to discontinue the use of my Gmail account. Google Reader being shut down is what sent me on this path. I was uninterested in having my RSS subscriptions stored on a third-party service. This made me check out some self-hosted solutions and since I was self-hosting one service…