Monsterpocalypse gaming

Paul and I met today at Myth Games to have a few games of Monsterpocalypse. This is the first time since the game came out initially that I have played it so I was a bit rusty. Making matters worse, Paul is a huge fan of the game and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the units in the game.

I played the Subterranean Terror faction from the second set of faction releases and Paul played the Savage Swarm. I’d not had any previous experience with either faction but since these were released at the end of the game’s lifecycle they don’t have the same number of units and monsters as the initial six factions so they are a bit easier to use as entry level factions.

I played half of the first game forgetting that my monster and units all had Burrow or Jump. I think it would have made bit of a difference in the game as the map was quite crowded with buildings.

I managed to sneak out a win in the first game and in the second we changed monsters with Paul using the Mantis and I used the “Grinder” monster from the faction. I didn’t do as well with that one and Paul used the Mantis to good effect to pummel me.

Both of the games were fun and quite quick even with me looking things up. I picked up a set of unit and monster cards from BBG and that really helped as it meant that the only times I had to resort to using the rulebook was to look up the odd symbol for the buildings.

Next time I hope to bring out the Cthul but I will have to do a bit more reading as there are a lot more units in that faction.

Some photos from the games.