(Re) Checking out Dystopian Wars

It appears that in the last year there has been quite a lot of people playing Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games. I suspect that quite a lot of that is due to the efforts of Adam Stephens and the pernicious influence that he has on the local FoW players.

I checked in with Adam to see if he was still playing and what the size of the local group was as I was interested in checking the game out. I haven’t played it in some time and Spartan appear to have done a modicum, though still not enough, to help make the game play better. They have also expanded the game with several new factions and allied forces including the Chinese, Italians, Ottomans and Australians. Several smaller Scandinavian countries also have a small smattering of forces to add to naval or land battles.

Russian Aerial Battle Group

I was never really interested in the land aspect of the game. And it appears that I am not alone since almost all of the local gaming appears to involve naval and air forces. This is a bit odd given how much I love(d) Epic Armageddon but the naval side of the game has always had a larger appeal to me than the land combat.

I’ve been checking out some of the new factions to see if any of them have a large enough appeal for me to jump back into the game. I really like the look of the Russian air and naval fleets but have been told that they are a bit one-dimensional when it comes to playing them. The Ottoman and Chinese fleets also look good but in terms of releases the Russians appear to have the benefit of a wide range of current and upcoming releases.

Happily Spartan have released a series of PDF booklets with background and stats for the new factions so its easy to go read through them to help make an informed decision.