Catalyst Game Labs online store

Catalyst Game Labs is the producer of the BattleTech and Shadowrun range of miniature games and RPGs. They had an existing osCommerce based online store that they wanted to port to a more modern software package that would also work with their accounting package.

CGL X Cart

The project was broken into two separate stages. First, the existing product data had to be ported from the osCommerce site to X-cart. Secondly, a new theme had to be created for the site.

Porting data

Data was exported from the osCommerce system as a series of CSV files. Those were imported into Numbers on the Mac and once the fields were mapped from osCommerce to X-cart, a series of scripts were written to get the data from Numbers and create a series of SQL insert statements. Those were then imported into the X-cart databases. X-cart uses a rather unique system for product images and thumbnails and so the second part of this task was to take the images used in osCommerce and create the proper product images and thumbnails for X-cart. Once again, data was exported from osCommerce, imported into Numbers and then used to create a series of SQL insert statements to port the data to X-cart.


X-cart uses the Smarty theming engine to create the look and feel for the storefronts. Catalyst supplied a series of Photoshop files that were cut and modified to use in the CSS files for a custom theme. Since X-cart uses Smarty it was quite easy to create custom template pages to allow for a jQuery powered product rotator that only appears on the site’s front page.