Russians inbound

Took a trip down to Sentry Box this afternoon and picked up the Dystopian Wars Russian Naval boxed set and the new 1.1 version of the DW rulebook. As is usual for me and Spartan Games purchases, the boxed set included two Cruiser figures and the body for the Russian Gunship. So I have an email in to them to get a replacement and also enquiring about the cost for the rest of the parts for the Gunship. Might as well put the model to some use. They made up for it a little bit by including an extra Frigate. One has to wonder who does QA there.

As is usual, again, for Spartan the resin is incredible and the metal parts are pedestrian. Thankfully there aren’t a lot of metal pieces. Looking forward to assembling them and starting to get some paint on them. That will have to wait until next week though as we will be heading out of town this weekend. I’ll be taking the rulebook up to Edmonton with me to read if I get a chance.

The boxed set also included a printed version of the Russian background and rules PDF that is available online. Its quite a nice book and really does add a bit of value to the set. Taken together the boxed set is a pretty good value considering what you get (including bases and unit cards).

I decided to go with the Russians primarily based on the look of the models (especially the air units) and also because it has a much wider range of models available for it than the Ottoman or Chinese factions. It should let me get a wider range of fleet options on the table.