Arcane Wonders forum

Arcane Wonders is a US based manufacturer of the Mage Wars game and accessories. Their previous web-presence was hosted in a series of master/slave Joomla website and applications. Their forum was a Kununa application install that ran under one of the Joomla slave installs. This made their forum quite slow and the administration, especially checking registrations for spammers, was quite complex. A new forum was proposed running SMF instead of the Joomla-based Kunena.

Mage Wars forum
The process of creating a new forum for them was two-fold. FIrst the structure and contents of the Kunena forum had to be ported to SMF. There is a set of php code for SMF to do this but, as you can expect, the moving target of two different code-bases meant that there was some tweaking to do to get the data transferred.

The data transfer brought over all of the posts, users and board structure but there was some mySQL queries that were written to correct some formatting differences and remove some of the SQL formatted data artifacts.

Once the data was created a simple SMF theme was created, based on Inferno from Dziner Studios, that incorporated some graphic touches from Arcane Wonder’s Mage Wars board game.

Finally, there were some administrative changes made to the membership and registration settings to create a new user type that was post and upload restricted (to stop automated spammers from posting) and also a plugin was added to check new registrations against the Stop Forum Spam database.