Arcane Wonders online store

Arcane Wonders is a US based manufacturer of the Mage Wars game and accessories. Their previous online store has hosted using Virtuemart under a Joomla installation. The company wanted to create a new online store using X-cart due to the server speed issues they were having using Virtuemart and the complexity of the administration.

Arcane Wonders X-cart

Arcane Wonders had very few products so there was no need to port their existing data to X-cart. The data was copied via the browser to the new online store and the main task was to create a theme for the new store that reflected the design and graphics of their Mage Wars game.

A JQuery based image rotator was added to the front page requiring me to create several product preview graphics using Pixelmator and some existing product art and backgrounds.

The standard X-cart product menu was replaced with a series of product category graphics and the number of products for that category. Thanks to the Smarty tempting system this was quite easily, and quickly, created.