Paul Suderman website

Paul Suderman is a Canadian cinematographer who wanted to update his portfolio website and create something more modern and clean looking but with a very tight budget.

Paul Suderman Given the financial constraints of the project is was thought best to use an existing WordPress theme and then add some small graphic embellishments to make it more indicative of his own personal style. A logotype was created in Adobe Illustrator and then rendered in Pixelmator. Logotype The default CSS was tweaked slightly and some colours changed slightly and the spacing of the theme, which was initially very loose, was tightened. The content for the original site was in a series of static HTML files and that data was copied into new WordPress posts and reformatted. The posts were then given standard sized feature images and incorporated in a JQuery based rotator on the front page. There was an odd WordPress error in the theme that was causing the Home link in the site’s breadcrumb display to not work. The developers were not echoing the return from one of the WordPress function calls which was resulting in the Home link not having a URL. A quick fix was made and the error was reported to the developers.