Tabletop Gaming News

Tabletop Gaming News is a WordPress news site covering news and information for tabletop gamers. The site ran a mostly stock install of WordPress with the addition of some plugins and custom PHP code in the theme. I ran the site for almost seven years and in that time reworked the design and layout several times to take into account feedback from users.

Tabletop Gaming News

The site is now owned and run by CoolMiniOrNot and I am no longer responsible for the features.

There were several major modifications made to the site:

  • The user system was modified to allow for the addition of new user profile data as well as admin-level profile data to allow for the marker of staff, contributors, donors and sponsors.
  • The comment system was changed to include a text area that used Markdown syntax and included a live preview
  • Member pages were added so people could view data on members of the site
  • Several custom pages were created to show listings of older posts (organized by day) as well as things such as user comments.

At its height the site was generating over half a million pageviews a month and was running on a dedicated Linux server in order to handle to traffic. The site was originally hosted on a shared-server and graduated to a VPS and then its own server.

The site was redesign three times using a basic three-column theme created using Illustrator and Pixelmator.