Russians v. Britannian starter set battle

I met up with Rick this evening at Sentry Box to play a game of Dystopian Wars using the Russian and Britannian starter sets. Both of us are still getting used to the rules. Rick is new to the game and I am still getting re-accustomed to the rules.

We weren’t able to finish the game but it was nice to put figures to the table and work through the rules in an actual game.

The new 1.1 version of the rules is a pretty significant change from the original. The main change is a dramatic simplification of the aircraft tokens. They were a real drag in the first version, so bad in fact that I really am not sure how they made it out of playtesting. The new rules make aircraft a lot easier to use an a lot more fun in the game.

The interaction between the auxiliary weapons and the rest of the game are still not as clear as they can be but they are still clearer than the previous rules.

We set up using my Dreadfleet mat and a few islands and I made a mistake of trying to push too many ships through the centre channel resulting in a hell of a traffic jam. A collision between a Cruiser and Frigate resulted in the Frigate causing the Stergenium Flare critical which almost blew up the Cruiser and caused it to be inches away from teleporting into my Battleship. That would have been a heck of a result.

I need to reread the sections on LOS and firing arcs as those were the biggest issues, aside from the auxiliaries, that came up in the game.

The Russians were, as advertised, quite one-dimensional. Get in close and shoot the hell out of anything nearby. The Ablative Armour on the Cruisers and Battleship was quite handy and stopped my Battleship from suffering a double critical from an attack by Rick’s Battleship.

I was also surprised by how much nicer the KoB vessels looked in person. The photos of them in the books and online make them look like squat monstrosities but they are much slimmer and not and wide as one would think based on the photos. I still think that if I continue with the game I will get the Chinese as my next faction but its interesting to see how the reality of the figures differs, substantially in this case, from the actual models.