Dystopian Wars Russians v. Prussians

I got some time this evening to head to Myth Games and play a game of Dystopian Wars against Stad and his Prussian fleet. I brought along one of the 850 (840 to be exact) pt lists that I am testing for the October 19th tournament.

I also just need more experience with the rules in general so any game, regardless of the force, is a good thing.

Myth also happily has a 4′ x 4′ sea board to use when gaming which gives it an advantage over Sentry Box which sadly has none. I suspect that Adam drags his table sections out when they game at Sentry Box.

My Russian fleet consisted of:

  • 1 Borodino Class Battleship, 170 pts
    • 2 Veliky Class Escorts, 50 pts
  • 2 Tambov Class Gunships, 170 pts
  • 3 Suvorov Class Cruisers, 195 pts
  • 3 Rostov Class Destroyers, 120 pts
  • 3 Novgorod Class Frigates, 75 pts
  • 2 Suyetka Class Small Skyships, 60 pts
  • 1 Fighter Wing, 0 pts (For Glory; Hard Shell (2))
  • 1 Dive Bomber Wing, 0 pts (More Machine Guns)

Stad’s Prussians consisted of:

  • 1 Imperium Class Sky Fortress, 135 pts
    • 3 Fighter Wing (Acrobatic Pilots; Well Trained)
    • 3 Torpedo Bomber Wing
  • 1 Emperor Class Battleship, 170 pts
  • 2 Wächter Class Escorts, 50 pts
  • 3 Reiver Class Cruisers, 195 pts
  • 3 Stolz Class Destroyers, 105 pts
  • 3 Arminius Class Frigates, 75 pts
  • 2 Geier Class Bombers, 110 pts
  • 5 Fighter Wing, 0 pts (Acrobatic Pilots; Well Trained)
  • 5 Torpedo Bomber Wing, 0 pts

I substantially outgunned Stad and when you factor in the weight of Russian AD when they finally get into range it was a pretty significant difference. The Prussians are agile and faster but in the game Stad came right at me which played into my hands.

For its points the Imperium Class Sky Fortress wasn’t really that effective and it has really made me rethink taking the Russian Carrier as part of a tournament force. It certainly is useful in a longer game when you can rearm bombers but in a tournament setting with set time limits I can’t see it being that effective.

Game high points
Stad blowing the hell out of my frigates with his Geier bombers after I demolished his Frigate squadron with mine including one round of gunnery that did 15 hits on a single frigate. Having 6 dice at RB 1 is a pretty shocking surprise for people expecting frigates to be weak.

Narrow passage

Stad (shown above) managing to thread the eye of the needle with his Battleship and pass it between two Gunships. Sadly his Battleship didn’t last to the end of the next turn.

Ravaging Stad’s Cruisers with my Destroyers doing two criticals on two of his Cruisers and then destroying a third. My dive were rolling very well during this game.

Using a reaction card to disable the Shield Generator on his Battleship after one of my Gunships fired on it and then having him fail his repair roll. This, and the Fusion Reactor critical spelt the doom of his Battleship.

Having Ablative Armour removed from my Battleship by some highly accurate rolling from a squadron of Stolz Class Destroyers. Not fun.


I am getting a better grasp of the rules and I am also having a lot more fun with this iteration than the initial release. There is a lot less tracking of data for tiny aircraft and those aircraft also seem more effective. Previously they were such an annoyance that they weren’t worth taking.

The auxiliary rules are a lot clearer and easier to use but I am still struggling with the line of sight and firing rules so I need to have another look at those in the rulebook.

Hopefully I will get another chance to try the Russians out and also get some more paint on them.