Mage Wars spellbuilder

I think that if, a year or so ago, you would have told me that I would be building a data driven web application in jQuery and Javascript I would have not taken you seriously.

And yet that is what is currently happening.

As part of my work for Arcane Wonders, the publishers and developers of Mage Wars, I am writing a spell book building web application using Bootstrap and jQuery. The original code was created by another developer and I have taken it and used it as the basis for a new application.

The original was quite nice but I am expanding the use of Bootstrap to create a more traditional application and also updating the code to use Bootstrap 3 and add some addition functionality like multiple export formats.

It has been an unusual process since, prior to this, I really don’t like working in Javascript but jQuery is another thing entirely. It removes a lot of the issues with selecting HTML elements and the library is used for a huge number of plugins and expansions like the Datatable plugin that is being used to turn HTML tables into sortable, live dataviews.

Once I have the beta version ready for testing I will post a link and some more information.