Small-scale DW game

Rick and I met last night for a small, 500pt, game of Dystopian Wars. Rick brought his KoB figures and I brought out my Russians.

My force consisted of

  • Battleship
  • 2 x Cruisers
  • 2 x Destroyers
  • 2 x Medium Bombers
  • Dive Bomber wing
  • Fighter Wing

Rick had

  • Battleship with one escort
  • 2 squadrons of 2 Cruisers
  • 2 Frigates
  • 2 wings of Torpedo bombers

It was a fairly quick game and in the end I was reduced to my Battleship and Rick had three Cruisers and his Battleship. I brought my Battleship out from between a set of islands and was perfectly situated to hammer all three of his remaining squadrons.

I picked off his Cruisers and then Rick and I took shots at each other with the Battleships. I suffered a Locked Rudder critical that forced me to move straight forward and Rick had earlier suffered a Fusion Leak and Weapon Damage critical that he was luckily able to repair. Sadly due to damage Rick wasn’t able to make the most of the situation.

In the end I managed to take out a Shield Generator with a game card and Rick gave in as that was really the only thing saving him :-)

Russian vessels with Ablative Armour are quite strong. In our previous game Rick was able to put some damage on most of my vessels with it but in this game the Battleship kept shrugging off damage for a long time.

Mind you it wasn’t as powerful as the two Shield Generators that Rick’s Battleship was loaded out with. Our game would have ended an hour earlier as he was able to roll and incredible number of 6s when checking his shields.

Cruisers are not as powerful as Gun Ships or Battleship and really suffer once they get the attention of one. They are the lords of the sea when it comes to Frigates, Destroyers or other Cruisers but even an average large Capital ship can take them out.

Criticals can really swing the game. This seems obvious but the impact of even something as minor as a Locked Rudder can change the game. I was unable to repair mine for three turns and Rick had free reign to sweep around behind me. It was only my last minute repair and his inability to repair his Generator critical that caused him to end the game.

Even minor amounts of damage can quickly reduce a large vessel to impotency. I had four damage on my Battleship and Rick had 5 and it was really only the superior weight of my turrets that gave me any chance to damage him. Rick was reduced to almost no firepower except for his Torpedoes.

Once again a fun game, even at that small point size, and it has given me a lot to think of in terms of tactics and the ebb and flow of the game.