Extreme price alert

Holy heck! The new 40K Space Marine Centurion models sure are nice looking figs but $94 Cnd for three miniatures?


And while I’m complaining can we ask where the exhaust from those chest mounted missiles goes?

I continue to be amazed by the prices that GW appears to be able to get away with. That one box of figures is half the cost of the entire Prussian army I picked up for Dystopian Wars/Armoured Clash. It makes one think that the reason why 40K gamers don’t branch out into new games is that they don’t have the money left after picking up the new releases.

Amazing piece of kit but the price is staggering. The new Stalker and Hunter kits are also very nice pieces of work as well but they, as well as the Centurions, point to a flaw in the background for the Marines. GW needs to come out with new models and kits to keep Marines interesting and to keep sales going. Sadly the Imperium is not supposed to be constantly coming up with new designs like this and the background is already well established regarding what vehicles they have and armour/weapons. They are not even able to keep their current tech supported properly and yet GW needs to be able to expand the range.

Something to take note of for anyone developing their own game.