World War Z

Had a chance to take in World War Z the other night and I think it is difficult to find a movie so uneven in its pacing than this. The movie flies by through its first two-thirds until the end when the movie’s climax is a scene involving Brad Pitt and a group of medical works slowly and quietly walking through a medical building. It is the antithesis of an action movie with the movie starting out with almost immediate action and then blasting through to the end where you want to go to sleep.

Brad Pitt’s character actually nods off at one point in the climax.

This is then followed up with a short VO sequence in which we are told that the war is only just beginning and that the story isn’t really over. While this ending wasn’t as disappointing as the end of the Amtrak Wars series it really made me wonder why the movie didn’t explore that upcoming battle more instead of ending on such a weak point.

Pretty much everything after his plane crashes on the way to Cardiff was really not very interesting and certainly a hell of a letdown after seeing Jerusalem overrun so quickly and thoroughly moments before.

Quite a disappointing end to a great movie.