Mage Wars nail biter

Dropped by Sentry Box last night to have a game of Mage Wars against a fellow, David, that I met last Sunday. I brought out an Air Wizard build that I haven’t used in a while and Dave played an interesting Warlord build that involved ranged attacks and Tanglevines.

The game went right down the the very end with David’s Warlord having two Life left after some very punishing attacks from a Gremlin and my Wizard left with the same Life remaining but sadly stuck in a Tanglevine.

I don’t know if it was deliberate or not but David had a Dwarven Panzerfaust creature in the same zone as the Tanglevine and with its Guard enabled I wasn’t able to attack the Tanglevine and free myself. My spell book only had a single Thunderbolt spell (range 0-3) and so I wasn’t able to effect David’s Warlord with spells other than a Chain Lightning spell that leapt across the table to hit him with a single dice. A roll of a critical 2 would have won the game but it was not to be.

I was able to survive in a zone with an Iron Golem and the Dwarven Panzerfaust due to a Force Sword, my Voltaric Shield and some armour but ultimately David took my Mage down with a well placed shot from a Goblin Slinger. A ignoble end if there ever was one.