Warlock triumphs!

Dave and I met up again last night for some Mage Wars gaming. We managed to fit in two games as our first game ended quite quickly.

Game 1 involved my tweaked Warlock against a new(ish) Force Master build that David put together. It was a fairly decent build (my Warlock was the standard Demon/Fire build) and he was able to exert some decent pressure on me but I managed to get two burn tokens on him that wouldn’t go out and between my Demons and the flames the Force Master quickly went down.

After suffering from this fate myself this is the main reason why some of my Mages have Geyser in their spellbooks. Nothing is quite as distressing as beeing cooked by multiple Burn tokens.

David also had a lot of quite useful equipment and I suggested the Battle Forge as an addition to the spellbook as he could have been saving a lot of mana by using it.

The second game had my Warlord facing off against his Huntress. The Huntress had a not unusual “bow + Tanglevine + big creatures = win” build and my Warlord was an older build that attempts to build up hordes of ORcs and Goblins.

It doesn’t work well :-(

I actually knew that it needed work but I wanted to get another game in with it and see what, if anything, did work well in the build and the sad fact is that almost nothing does. It needs to be scrapped and built around a new theme and attack strategy.

The second game didn’t go to the end but I conceded as David had a horde of creatures out and had slowly whittled down my initial creature advantage and was going to crush me into paste.

No tricky combos this time. THe Warlock doesn’t really use them and the combos I did have for the Warlord never really panned out. Indicative, I think, of the spellbook build not really being effective.

Next Thursday is Mage Wars night again and hopefully I can get Dave, Brad or Rob to come down for a game.