A great day for goodies

Today was an incredible day for receiving goodies. I managed to pick up a complete set of Advanced Squad Leader Annuals. The early ones are, as one would expect, well read but the last three or in mint condition. What was even more exceptional was the price. Less than cover price for the entire set. Quite a good deal.

When I came back from picking up the ASL Annuals I found a parcel waiting for me. Inside the box were the Dystopian Wars I picked up from Bartertown. I got a set of French and FSA figures including a painted French Armoured Corp, French naval starter, FSA naval starter and some additional painted units including a Vaubon.

The trade also included a large number of unpainted blisters for each force to easily expand each naval force up to 1000pts.

The full list is:



  • Enterprise class dreadnought 1
  • Independence class 1
  • Lexington Cruiser 3
  • Augusta 9
  • A-17 2
  • Valley Class airship 1
  • Lee class airship 2
  • John Henry 2

Partially painted

  • Washington class landship on water.
  • Savannah class sky fortress


  • Armored battle group in box
  • Princeton class gunship blister (3 models)
  • A-17 blister (3 models)
  • blister of 30 tiny fighters
  • blister of john henry (2 models)
  • blister of Steele class robots (2 models) Dominion of Canada!
  • blister of Freedom class robots (3 models)
  • blister of guilford destroyers (3 models)
  • blister of springfield escorts (3 models)
  • blister of Revere corvette (6 models)
  • blister FSA sea carrier (1 model)
  • Alamo class mobile airfield
  • Federated bunker
  • Tower set (2 models)

Mercenary painted

  • Black Wolf



  • 10 Hotch small tank
  • 6 Focault Medium tanks
  • 3 Marteau Bombards
  • 1 Bastille Land ship
  • Vauban sky fortress
  • Tourbillon Class airship
  • MKII pocket batteship
  • voltaire class interceptor (2 models)
  • Lyon frigate (9 models)
  • Marsalle cruiser (3 models)

Partially painted

  • Charlemagne Dreadnought


  • Mausaulle mobile airfield
  • Frelon small flyer (3 models)
  • Ecuyer support cruiser (3 models)
  • Couronne battle carrier
  • Epaulard submarine (2 models)
  • Magenta MK 1 battleship
  • Toulon class cruiser (3 models)
  • Chevalier Destroyer (3 models)
  • Furieux Scoutship (2 models)