Painting and building

It has been a slow time for gaming since the Dystopian Wars tournament so I have been building and painting some miniatures. Most of the assembly has been for my Prussian Armoured Clash force. I recently ordered the Prussian starter force for Armoured Clash as well as a series of figures to build a Belgian Armoured formation, a Prussian Zeppelin force and a Prussian-Scandinavian Assault force.

Rick and I are planning to have a game next week and I want to at least have my figures based and assembled for it. The weather has taken a turn for the worst, in terms of using spray primers at least, and so I may have to either wait for some good weather or use a brush on primer for the figs. I am hoping that if I wait there will be some warmer weather coming since putting the brush on primer on the acrylic bases is going to be a PITA.

My Dystopian Wars Russian force is set to expand as there are is Kostroma Class Battle Carrier, four Myshkin Class Bombers and three Suyetka Class Small Skyships getting painted. As well I have another set of ten flyer tokens on the painting table so I will be able to field the Kostroma and its compliment of aircraft as well as the ten free tokens you get with a force.

Since I don’t have as many figures to paint or a pressing deadline I plan to take a bit more time painting these figures. Once I have them done I am going to go back and add some details to my other Russian vessels, such as picking out broadside guns, and then finish then with some matte and gloss coats.

I realized when I was writing up my tournament report that my poor opinion of the Suyetka Class Small Skyships was based on them actually being represented by the models for the Saransk Class Medium Skyships. So the reason they seemed so fragile for such large ships was that they were the wrong models. :-(

I had the “correct” stats and point cost but the wrong models.

A unit of three Suyetkas is about the price of a single Saransk and make, obviously, better use of the Pack Hunter MAR :-)

So once I have them painted I will give them a try and try to use the Saransk Class Medium Skyships again with the actual stats.

I have the Tunguska Class Large Skyship and I suspect that it will be next on the painting table if I don’t start to work on expanding the RoF naval force that I picked up recently.