Mars Attacks beckons no more

Mantic Games recently concluded the Kickstarter for their Mars Attacks game and miniatures. I was following the project for a while and was actually contemplating backing it but ultimately I decided against it. Not because of anything to do with the project itself but rather to do with the quality of the figures from the Dreadball Kickstarter.

We recently received the third, and final, shipment of miniatures from that project and it got me interested in assembling some of the season two teams. So I pulled out my Robot team and started working on them.

While Mantic is quite good at coming up with some very good looking concept art the execution of that art into plastic miniatures is really substandard. The Robot figures are plagued with very harsh mould lines and putting them together really sapped my interest in proceeding with the figures any further. I quickly finished assembling them (trying to find a missing right arm for the final figure) and then tossed them back in with the rest of the equally quickly assembled teams.

What was an excusable oversight when they first started making plastic figures is really becoming a long history of poor figures. The company has great ideas but whomever is responsible for making their minis really doesn’t seem to care about quality and this was what really killed my interest in Mars Attacks.

The figures look good in the painted samples that Mantic has produced but then so did the Dreadball minis. Perhaps if I was younger and had more free time I might not mind as much but I really don’t have the same sort of hobby time available to spend dealing with bad figures.

So the Robot team is off of my work table and I will get back to my Dystopian Wars figures. Nice looking models that don’t require hours of time to clean them.