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The Mage Wars game by Arcane Wonders allows players to create spellbooks from several hundred spell cards. The Mage Wars forum allows fans to discuss the game and as part of that Arcane Wonders wants a way to display card data inside the forums.

Their forum software solution is SMF which makes it quite easy to include custom BBCode tags. As the first part of the solution I quickly made a custom BBCode tag and rendered it out into HTML. That HTML then had some custom CSS added as well as some JQuery code to handle displaying a div with the card preview and then hiding it again on mouseenter and mouseleave events.


This is the first part of a larger project that will require the creation of new BBCode tags, including parent tags that will be required for some of the child tags to work, and will integrate with an online JQuery application that gamers can use to create spellbooks for the game.

The initial styling for this is quite basic and one of the artists for the company will be creating new art to help highlight the cards.


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