Bitz trading day

Today, in addition to being a great day to lose at Dreadball, was the annual Bitz Trading Day at Sentry Box.

This is a yearly event that the store runs where they give over table space in the upper gaming area for people to bring in surplus miniatures and bitz to trade. Luckily I found out about it yesterday and was able to bring along a few random figures from the collection in the game room to trade.

As luck would have it I managed to parlay those minis into quite the sizeable number of figures

  • A box of Wood Elf Glade Guard figures for Songs of Blades and Heroes
  • Some Kobolds, (Hob)Goblins, Mummys and a Griffon from the Bones range (again for SoBH)
  • Man O’ War including the two expansions and a ton of metal miniatures. Sadly no Chaos or Skaven vessels

To be fair the Man O’ War set cost me some cash but given that I walked in with a small box of figures it was a good day.

I also picked up the AT-43 Karmen figures from an earlier trade so I left the store with boxes of miniatures. More than enough to last me for quite some time.