Dreadball first(ish) impressions

Rick and I met at Sentry Box today for a game of Dreadball. Charles kindly volunteered to walk us through the game and acted as our portable rules reference. I played the Vyr-myn and Rick borrowed Charles’ Corporation team. My Orks and Forge Fathers are still being painted and I didn’t think that the Robot team would be a good team to learn the game with :-). I’ve tried to walk myself through the game a few times but never had any success so this was my first complete game of Dreadball.

The Corporation are the median team in terms of their stats and abilities. All of their skills are 4+ and it makes it pretty simple to determine what you need to roll in order to complete a task. The Vyr-myn are fast (3+ Speed) but a touch clumsy (5+ skill) so they are hard to hit but have some difficulty scoring and picking up the ball.

Over the course of the 14 rushes it became pretty apparent that there is a lot more to the game than is first apparent. One has to position your team not only to score but also deal with your opponent’s moves after the ball is relaunched and suddenly you are on the defensive.

Our game was back and forth and I could have swung the score back into my favour with the last action of the game but, due to the Vyr-myn’s notoriously bad Skill rating was unable to score. Rick won the game with 2 points and I cursed my poor dice luck.

One issue that I had with the rules was how complex the action resolution seemed. This has been a major sticking point with me for some time and has made me quite hesitant to play. Once we worked our way through a few Rushes though it was quite easy to remember and by the end of the game I think I had the system down pretty well.

I came away a lot more impressed with the game than I expected to be and quite curious to see how the other teams worked and how they compete. I was also a lot more impressed with the Vyr-myn as a team. The sculpts are probably my least favourite in the game but the small tweaks to their stats make them a significantly different team who play much differently. The lack of a Jack also places limits on the team as well.

Charles and I talked about some afterwards about the format for a league and we will be announcing and running a “preseason” to help people get accustomed to the game and try it out before running a proper league season with MVPs.