Victory Decision: Future Combat released

Future Combat coverA.D. Publishing, producers of a series of WWII and Weird WWII rules, have released a generic sci-fi ruleset called Victory Decision: Future Combat. The rules are currently available as PDF only from Wargame Vault.

The rules are based on their established WWII rules which are quite popular and have had an extensive number of expansions written for them. I’ve not had a chance to try them but but I will be grabbing some AT-43 figures to but them through their paces.

If the rules work well I will be putting in an order to Pig Iron Productions for either their Kolony Militia or Kolony Ferals figures. Or both. If I do decide to pick up the Ferals then I will most assuredly have to check out some of the vehicles from Ramshackle Games as they will fit into the visual esthetic of the Ferals quite well.

Can’t wait to try these out.