Dreadball game night

Forge Fathers v CorporationThursday night was a an open Dreadball gaming night to help people learn the game and also talk about our upcoming Dreadball League. Richard, James, Lair and Chris showed up with Charles appearing later.

Lair and Richard played a game using Lair’s Ork and Corporation teams and James and I played a game using my Forge Fathers and James’ Sirens. Given that it was James’ first game we used the Corporation stats for his team instead.

This was James’ first game and it was my first game using the Forge Fathers so a lot of the strategies I built up in my last game with the Veer-myn were not really applicable. The Forge Fathers can pick up and throw the ball well and a quite strong. Just don’t force them to dodge :-)

As usual, I was quite impressed by how easy it was to for James and Richard to pick up the rules. Dreadball suffers from a poorly edited rulebook. Nothing tragic but at the event last night I heard people mention the same issues I had with reading and comprehending the game rules. Picking it up from another player is a breeze but reading through the rules makes the game seem more complex than it really is.

Even though James was just learning the game went quite quickly and I think we finished up in an hour. In the end I squeaked a one point win purely because James missed a four point strike with his last action. I had scored previously to overcome his one point lead and then massed my players around the ball to try to hold him off during his last Rush. Sadly he knocked my Striker down and the ball popped loose into a good position for him. He picked it up, got a free action and then used his very last action to go for the strike. Even with a Coaching dice he missed on all three dice and the game was over.

The game really brought out how important facing is. I had some rough luck with my Guards because James hit them from behind making them ineligible to Slamback. Forge Fathers don’t dodge well so this took my Guards out on two occasions. James also had to carefully position on of his Strikers for a pass to ensure that she was able to see the incoming pass.

These are issues that don’t come up in Blood Bowl and with the limited number of actions each Rush it means that you really do need to pay attention to what you are doing with your figures prior to finishing. Forget to turn a Striker around and you can’t pass to them.

Once again a fun game and I am looking forward to getting our initial League preseason in January.