Getting some focus

I have a real problem with staying focused on a project long enough to see it to completion. I suspect that I am not unique in this but the last month has been exceptionally crazy for hopping from project to project. So I think that to tame the beast that is my unbridled enthusiasm, I will be setting monthly painting and gaming goals so I at least focus on one or two things a month in hopes of getting them done.

December is an odd month in that there are so many preparations for Xmas that gaming and painting tend to be forgotten in the chaos. So this month my goals are pretty limited in that I want to finish cleaning up my gaming and work space and also finish rebasing some Dystopian Wars flyers that I picked up recently.In addition I want to finish assembling the Super Dungeon Explore figures so the twins and I can start painting those.

I’ll post the January gaming and painting goals close to the end of the month.