Dreadball: Veer-myn v. Robots

Charles and I met up at Sentry Box last night to get in a game of Dreadball. I tried the Veer-myn again and Charles brought out his painted Robot team.

Early Game Action

Charles had used his team in a few previous games so I was the underdog and was able to roll for a Free Agent. Luckily I got a Forge Father Guard giving me a total of three Guards available for the game. More ability to smack around your opponent is always a good thing.

I used the default Veer-myn team of six Strikers and 2 Guards and we both set up with players blocking all of the bonus Strike passing lanes. This minor tactic on both our parts made quite a difference in the game as I spent quite some time knocking his Jacks out of the Strike zones to try to score.

I got an early two point lead and then Charles and I spent a few Rushes moving the ball back and forth to no effect. I did manage to to knock down a fair number of Charles’ Robots at one point. Something that he wasn’t too happy about :-)

Charles is not happy

During my fifth Rush I grabbed a four point strike and was up 6 to 0 before Charles quickly got a similar Strike in return and sent the score back to where it was. I was actually quite lucky that Charles had missed a 4 point Strike earlier as he was forced to use a Jack to make the attempt instead of a Striker.

That highlighted an issue with the Robots. You can often have the exact player you want when you want it but there are probably as many times when you have a less than optimal player to try a Slam or Strike. Seems like an interesting team but they really do appear to require a bit more planning as getting the correct Robot for the task costs you an action.

Another fun game and an odd win as I managed to keep my 2 point lead by judiciously taking the ball and running it as far away from my Strike zones as I could.

Next time I may try to get the Judwan assembled and test them out in a game.