January is Deadzone month


So I have decided that next month will be Deadzone month. I will start the new year with an attempt to build and paint the terrain and figures from the Deadzone core set and the terrain expansion box I picked up. While I missed the Deadzone Kickstarter (sadly and gladly as while I missed some cool figs and terrain I also “avoided” the huge bill I would have from the cool figs and terrain I bought) the folks at Sentry Box picked it up and Greg and the fellows at the store were kind enough to set aside some goodies for me to look through and I grabbed the core set, a terrain expansion and the Reb Starter.

They were sold out of the Marauder starters and I suspect that every one sold to a 40K Ork player as ther look like they would make amazing Ork Kommandoes.

I will still be running the Dreadball league and playing Dreadball (and hopefully painting a team up) so January will also be Mantic Month here.