A day of priming

Today the temperature reached a balmy 7 degrees and so I took the opportunity to get some miniatures and some terrain sprues primed. I primed all of the Dreadball miniatures that I have already assembled and also primed the sprues of Deadzone terrain that I picked up yesterday. I left all of the terrain pieces on the sprue to make it easier to prime them and I will also do the first set of washes on the sprues as well.

Dreadball minis

No idea which of the Dreadball minis I will paint first but I suspect that I will fill out the Ork and Forge Father teams first and then move on to the Veer-myn.

I need to make some space downstairs and put out some newspaper so I can start to do some washes on the sprues and then clip them out and begin to do the first set of drybrushing on them. I am also thinking that I will do some sponge painting to weather the pieces. I’ll see how the process goes though as I am more interested in getting them painted and put together than making them look exceptional.