Dreadball: Orx versus Corporation

Game startAnother Thursday night and another game of Dreadball. Last night’s game was against Rick and his Corporation team. I decided to try out the Orx team to get a bit more experience with the game and the team.

The Orx are certainly different than the Veer-myn and Forge Fathers. The lack of a Striker makes it a lot more difficult to score and the lose of a bonus dice on Dodges means that the Goblin Jacks are a lot easier to knock down and take the ball from.

My game was not helped by Rick’s annoying ability to roll 6s. On several occasions I managed to create situations where I had 5 dice slams against Rick’s Guards who were doing single dice Dodge rolls and still managed to roll enough successes to either survive the slam or only be knocked out for a turn. Statistically speaking I should have been able to knock out at least one of those models but I was sadly not able to do so.

Mass Smash

I did manage to keep the ball away from Rick for 5 Rushes but he finally got through my wall of players protecting the Goblin ball carrier and sacked him to knock the ball loose.

Rick made a quick two point Strike and then managed another quick four point strike. I worked my way down field to do a three point strike but there wasn’t enough time to get any more points and Rick managed, another, win.

Game action

While my dice were a little cool, Rick’s were doing quite well and he had three of my players in the Sin Bin at one point. He also managed to get away with a foul that I forgot to call and then got away without any penalty on the one I did call.

Another fun game. Dreadball is really growing on me and it is interesting to see how the teams have quite a significantly different play-style despite having minor differences from one another. Perhaps the best thing I can say about the game is that it was over far quicker than I expected and I was quite surprised when we got to the end of the game. Perhaps wanting to have one more Rush to try to score made a difference :-)