Today was a great day for self-bought presents as the mailman came with two parcels for me. The first was from Heresy Miniatures and included their Ghoul King, a pack of Ghouls, the Dark Brethren cultists with polearms, the Dark Brethern leader and two of their Daemon Hounds. Those, except for the hounds, will form the basis of a Ghoul Cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. The other parcel was from Fantization Miniatures and included the Dark Mariner Cephalid Telepath and Leviathan. Those will be part of a Dagonite cult for VuK.

Dark Brethren

Both sets of miniatures were ordered at the same time and they both arrived on my doorstop at the same time. I also made an order from Black Cat Bases and Brigade Games at the same time. The Brigade order is still processing and the Black Cat order dropped into a black hole. The folks at Black Cat have been affected by some serious health issues but I really only learned that after I made an order. It appears as if the company has a huge backlog of orders but isn’t responding to emails. While it is sad that they have had these issues it seems odd that they would continue to accept orders on their site. If it hadn’t been for a thread on Lead Adventure I wouldn’t even have been aware of the problem.

So I suspect that I will not be getting the figures from Black Cat at all and will probably be opening a case via Paypal soon if only to get the attention of the folks from Black Cat and perhaps get them to answer their email.